Granville Gardens Co-op

Learn about our community

Our Mission Statement

In a safe, inclusive, and accessible community, we will provide affordable,
well maintained, sustainable co-operative housing.

We are a 94 unit co-op, centrally located in Richmond BC, with bus service at our doorstep. There are excellent elementary and middle/high schools within a few blocks and Thompson Community Centre is across the street. Richmond Centre is in walking distance as is Blundell Shopping Centre. The dyke that surrounds Richmond is a popular walking and cycling path and is only a short walk away with a view of seaplanes taking off and landing.

Our co-op has a community hall where we hold membership meetings and which is also available for members to rent for private functions at a nominal cost. A new playground was installed last year for the younger children and for the older children we have a fenced in basketball/hockey/playing area.

Our co-op was built in 1982 through a programs funded by the federal government. That agreement ends in and our mortgage will be paid off. At the same time, we will lose federal funding that allows us to subsidize the housing charges of some of our low income members. For that reason, we are unable to offer subsidy to prospective members.

In a co-op, members buy shares, currently set at $2,000, and pay a monthly housing charge (rent). Members do not have equity in their homes; however, they own the co-operative collectively.

In addition to the Board of Directors, Committees carry out responsibilities delegated by the Board and the Members. In Granville Gardens Co-op we have several Committees: Maintenance, Membership, Participation, Landscaping, Finance and Rules and Safety.

Members work together to keep their housing well-managed and affordable. Members are expected to volunteer on a Committee and attend General Membership Meetings. Policies and some sensible Rules have been established by the members.

Our Vision

This is our community

We depend on each other. The work of our volunteers is important to the co-op, but we will also invest in the skills we need to make sure the important work of the co-op is done well.

We believe that co-op education is important.

We want our homes to be affordable to members.

We believe in the principles of democracy and co-operation and understand that an interested and participating membership is essential to the long term success of our co-operative. We will endeavour to keep our units filled with members who share our beliefs, accept the responsibilities of membership and are willing to take pride in their homes, meet their financial obligations, participate in the operations of the co-op and follow the policies of the co-op.