How To Apply

Becoming a member

Prospective members are required to complete and submit an application form to our office. Applications are kept on file for one year. You must notify us before the end of the year to advise that you wish to remain on the list otherwise your application will be discarded. When there is a vacancy, applicants are contacted in order of date of application.

The Membership Committee interviews prospective families, usually three families for each vacancy, and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors. We are looking for members who will become involved in our community so volunteer experience is a must.

Unfortunately, we have no subsidy available. This means that your income must allow you to pay the maximum housing charge for the applicable unit. Or calculation is set by the members at 30% of gross income. The exception to this is our wheelchair accessible units which have their housing charge calculated at 30% of gross income and may be provided with subsidy. Housing charges are set by the members and approved with the budget each year.

Vacancies in the co-op are first filled through an Internal Application process to Members already living in the co-op before going to outside applicants. Once a member moves into the co-op they are entitled to apply to move to a larger or smaller unit on a first come first served basis.

Share purchase – Once accepted as a Member you are required to buy shares before you are eligible to move in. Our shares are $2,000. The co-op invests this money for the benefit of the co-op. When you leave the co-op you will be refunded your $2,000 provided there are no outstanding charges owed by you.

Application Form

Download the form

Housing Charges

These are our monthly charges

1 Bedroom Apt

$809 / mth | Annual Income - $30,000

2 Bedroom Apt

$915 / mth | Annual Income - $34,000

2 Bedroom Accessible

$915 / mth | 30% of Annual Income

2 Bedroom Townhouse

$1,029 / mth | Annual Income - $38,000

3 Bedroom Townhouse

$1,139 / mth | Annual Income - $43,000

4 Bedroom Townhouse

$1,249 / mth | Annual Income - $45,500